Lockheed Martin Supplier of the Year

P2SI was named the 2011 Small Business Supplier of the Year by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company as the result of exceptional support of an Advanced Development Programs project in composite materials

Lockheed Martin Supplier of the Year award

High Temperature Composite Materials & Technologies

P2SI's portfolio of high temperature prepregs, resins, adhesives, and manufactured composite components are engineered for the most extreme temperature environments.

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Prepregs: Structural polyimide and organic-inorganic prepreg materials for demanding applications and temperatures up to 1500°F.


Molding Compounds: Specialty discontinuous fiber molding compounds for high temperature and high thermal conductivity applications requiring low cost and rapid manufacturing.


Film Adhesives: Polyimide structural supported film and paste adhesives using our Liquimide® technology, for up to 600°F service temperatures. For primary structure, liquid shim, and gap-filling applications.

hybrid reinforcements

Hybrid Reinforcements: Novel carbon nanotube functionalized reinforced composite materials with high thermal and electrical conductivity and interlaminar strength.


RTM Resins: Resin transfer molding polymers stable up to 700°F.

syntactic foams

Syntactic Foams: Ultra-low density syntactic foams for specialty applications, including polyimide syntactic foam for 600°F service temperatures.